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About Us

Some brief history and information about our organisation.

Kiddy Winks Pre School was originally opened over 30 years ago and known as BANCA Under 5’s Playgroup, which was situated in a classroom in the Bakersfield and Neighbourhood Community Centre.

We have grown a lot since then and now have our own larger setting including an upstairs space, separate to the Community Centre with our own enclosed outdoor play area.

Our aim is to provide a safe, happy, stimulating and secure environment in which children reach their full potential to grow in confidence, self esteem and independence, as well as starting to learn the concepts needed for those vital early years.

We encourage all the children to have respect for themselves and to value the multi cultural society we live in.

We believe that you as parents/carers are your child’s main continuous educator throughout their lives, your input is extremely important for us to build upon. We at Kiddy Winks pride ourselves on our excellent personal, social and emotional skills and continue with all the hard work that you, as parents/carers have started.

We are members of the Pre School Learning Alliance, and are committed to children learning through play, in an environment where they feel secure and cared for as individuals. As such we fully support the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We are also Ofsted registered and our report is available online.

Kiddy Winks Pre School is in the heart of the local community. As we have strong links within the community and the local schools there is a good transition up to full time school when the time comes, alongside friends the children have already made at pre school.

Because Kiddy Winks is a registered charity we are managed by a committee of volunteers, mainly parents, who are committed to ensuring the pre school remains open and provides a quality, caring environment for the children who attend. Kiddy Winks cannot legally operate without a committee and would be forced to close. If you are interested in volunteering with us please come in and see us for an informal chat.